2018 VHA EPS Training Event
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the Training Event

The 2018 VHA Environmental Programs Service (EPS) Training Event will take place August 28-30, 2018 in Orlando, Florida and will engage participants in a variety of management, leadership and operational issues and initiatives key to the success of an effective Environmental Management Services program. A cross section of these areas include:
  • EMS Elements of Excellence: EPS Program Site Review Overview
  • An overview of the newly developed EPS Quality Assurance Guide
  • EPS/EES National SimLearn 2-Step Cleaning Process
  • Pharmacy Compounding Areas: The Role of EMS – Cleaning & Disinfecting (USP 797 & 800 Compliance)
  • Patient Experience Office: Green Glove Campaign
  • The VA Accountability & Whistleblower Protection Act: EMS Impact
  • Greenhealth Tracker
  • EMS Related Medallia Data Collection Overview - Becoming a Data Driven Decision Maker
  • National Pest Management Association - Training & Resources
  • EOC Rounding: Expanding Capabilities
  • Bed Management Solution: EMS Interface Devices
  • How to utilize your facility sanitation Task Frequency Analysis (TFA) - Healthcare Sanitation Staffing & EMS Equipment Depreciation Calculator

Environmental Programs Service (EPS) will be obtaining measurable data critical to gauging the overall training event’s effectiveness and Return on Investment (ROI). Merely attending the EPS Training Event does not guarantee success; success will be measured by the number of attendees who gain valuable information and utilize this information to enhance the overall Veteran experience and improve EMS services
provided to the Veterans seeking care within our VHA facilities.

Specific services include: Healthcare Sanitation, Waste Management, Integrated Pest Management, Environment of Care monitoring, Interior Design and Textile Care Management.

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